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Welcome Home

Posted On August 25, 2019

Freshman year. Wow. First of all, congratulations on your huge accomplishment! You graduated high school and you are on your way to tackle yet another monumental dream—to be the holder of a crimson colored book with a degree addressed to you. As you prepare to take on your new identity as a Hoosier, there’s nothing […]

Ode to Cheesestix

Posted On March 6, 2017

  When nights are lonely And days are so blue My mind is at ease When I think of you   Some may call you cheesy And they would be right But there is much more Than what’s at first sight   You’re not just bread Covered in cheese With all that you offer You […]

Pizza X and One World Commissary

Posted On October 9, 2015

We take great pride in providing quality products to our customers, but it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the One World Commissary. Shortly after our last store closes in the wee hours of the morning, our Commissary springs into action, creating fresh dough and sauces, and prepping many of the […]

Free Stix Day Recap

Posted On October 1, 2015

Free Breadstix Day Recap The first Monday of September is known to most as Labor Day; a national holiday created to recognize hardworking Americans. However, at 1791 E. 10th Street (aka Pizza X Campus), we have our own “Labor Day” … a labor of love known around here as Free Stix Day! The event begins […]

3 Facts About Pizza X

Posted On August 8, 2015

Pizza X has been around since 1982, and even if you’ve been with us since the beginning, there may be things you don’t know about us. I thought I would start this adventure by giving you three great little nuggets of info about our brand. 1. How we stay “fresh”. Our Commissary General Manager, Jay, […]