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Pizza X and One World Commissary

Posted On October 9, 2015

We take great pride in providing quality products to our customers, but it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the One World Commissary. Shortly after our last store closes in the wee hours of the morning, our Commissary springs into action, creating fresh dough and sauces, and prepping many of the toppings that make it onto your favorite Pizza X pizza. As you can tell by the name, the One World Commissary serves more than just Pizza X; our sister restaurant, Lennie’s, also benefits from these early morning prep artists.

At 6 AM, the staff arrives to prepare a day’s worth of food, starting with the hours-long process of making fresh pizza and breadstix dough. On a slow day, they may only make 700 pounds of dough, but during the busiest periods of the year, such as Little 500 or Homecoming, they will produce over 7 tons of dough in a week! While the dough room is hopping, the rest of the crew is creating our house-made sauces (pizza, salsa, Alfredo, ranch, and mojo) from scratch, and cutting fresh veggies. If you think cutting one onion makes your eyes water, try prepping 30 pounds at a time! Once all of this prep is complete, the Commissary’s day isn’t quite over yet; all of this freshly prepared food is delivered to each of our 5 stores, 360 days a year!

Cheers to our One World Commissary heroes!