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Our Menu

Welcome to Pizza X

We have pizza, cheesestix, breadstix, cookies, ice cream, and drinks. Please continue scrolling to see our current menu.

Choose Your Size

Small 10″ (6 slices)
Large 14″ (8 slices)
X-Large 16″ (12 slices)

Choose Your Crust

A New York-style hand-tossed crust made from scratch with all natural ingredients.

A cracker-thin crust baked to crispy perfection.

A heartier, hand-tossed crust made from scratch with a variety of healthful whole grains.

Choose Your Sauce

Pizza Sauce
California tomatoes blended with our secret spices to create our signature sauce.

Hot and spicy for our fans who favor heat.

A smooth, creamy, rich sauce.

Extra virgin olive oil with garlic, banana peppers, and spices.

Our housemade recipe packs serious heat.

A rich hickory sauce.

Pine nuts, basil, garlic, romano, and olive oil.

Sausage Gravy
A white gravy peppered with crumbled sausage.

*Additional cost for premium pizza sauces

Choose Your Toppings


PepperoniHamGround Beef
AnchoviesBaconCrumbled Sausage
Italian SausageGrilled Chicken


Black OlivesBanana PeppersSpinachArtichoke Hearts
Sun-dried TomatoesOnionJalapeño
Fresh GarlicMushroomRoma Tomatoes
BroccoliGreen PeppersGreen Olives


RicottaWisconsin Cheddar

Black Beans

Specialty Pizzas

Other Good Stuff

Breadstix 4.25
Eight of the best breadstix around! Served with one 4 oz. dipping sauce per order.

Cookies by Baked! 3 for 5.50  /  6 for 8.75  /  9 for 11.95  /  Baker’s Dozen (13) 14.95
Choose from chocolate chip, chocolate white chocolate chip, or peanut butter peanut butter chip.

Ice Cream (Pint)

  • Chocolate Moose Grasshopper 5.99
  • Chocolate Moose Vegan Chocolate 6.99
  • Hartzell’s Salted Caramel 6.99
  • Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, Half Baked, Phish Food, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or Chubby Hubby 5.99

Cheesestix 9.85  /  13.80  /  16.40
Layers of mozzarella infused with fontina. Served with dipping sauce. Try a topping!

Dipping Sauces 1.29
4 ounces of ranch, nacho cheese, pizza sauce, garlic sauce, or any of our pizza sauces**.

Beverages 1.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Sprite, Mr. Pibb Extra, 2% white milk, or fat free chocolate milk served in our iconic reusable stadium cups. 8 oz. Silk Almond Milk bottles also available.

**Please add $1 when ordering Pesto, Mojo, or Alfredo sauces as a dipping sauce.

Click here for a printable (PDF) menu.