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Eat Pizza For Your School’s Sake!

What is POP?  It’s a way for Pizza X to help support our local schools by providing extra funds.

Who can participate?  Any group affiliated with a primary or secondary Monroe County school

How It Works: Collect and save Pizza X Proof-Of-Purchase (POP) tabs from our pizza boxes. Ask your friends to save them, too! Each Proof-of-Purchase tab is worth 25 cents. Once you’ve registered your group, we will provide the special POP tub in which you can stash your POPs. Please follow instructions located on the POP tub to redeem and receive cash for your group!

When it Begins: POP for Schools has already begun!

Email: Pam Thrash at pam@bloomington.com

Other Stuff: All POP tabs must be trimmed within ¼” of the red border surrounding the “Proof of Purchase” text. You’ll need to submit a letter with each POP tub stating that Pizza X donated money to your organization. You must include the name of your school or organization, a mailing address, plus the donation amount ($25 for each POP tub submitted with the letter). Drop off the full POP tub(s) and letter to the One World Enterprises office at 2361 W. Rappel Avenue. (Or bring your POP tabs in a box, plastic baggie, envelope—whatever! We just ask that they be delivered to us in increments of 100.)

Participating Schools: Curious if your school of group has signed up? See our full list of “Poppers! For Schools” below.

Now get poppin’!

–Your friends at Pizza X

POP For Schools! Rules and regulations subject to change without notice. If your school group is derogatory in nature, PX reserves the right to terminate the group’s affiliation with POP. Pizza X reserves the right to cease POP For Schools without notice.

Poppers! For Schools include:

Arlington Heights Elementary School

Batchelor Middle School

Binford Elementary School

Bloomington High School North

Bloomington High School South-Amateur Radio Club

Bloomington High School South Band Boosters

Bloomington Montessori School

Bloomington New Tech High School

Childs Elementary School

Clear Creek Christian School

Clear Creek Elementary School

Covenant Christian School

Edgewood Early Childhood Center-Preschool

Edgewood High School Marching Band

Edgewood High School Speech Team

Edgewood Intermediate PTO

Edgewood Primary School

Edgewood Primary School PTO

Fairview Elementary School

Grace Baptist Preschool

Grandview Elementary School

Harmony School

Highland Park Elementary School

Lakeview Elementary School

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Marlin Elementary School

Meadows Hospital School

Rogers Elementary School

St. Charles Middle School

Summit Elementary School

Templeton Elementary School

The Project School

Tri-North Middle School

Unionville Elementary School

University Elementary School